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for Sourcing and Procurement Technology

With a robust database of over 14 million global supplier profiles, Matchory empowers companies to find alternative suppliers in seconds. Gone are the days of sifting through industry lists and Google search results; our platform lets procurement teams execute highly targeted searches with instant results.

Industry-leading companies trust our AI-driven technology

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Our cloud-based solution reduces your time to find new suppliers from weeks to minutes. State-of-the-art search technology paired with Big Data enables cross-industry access to the global supplier market. Support your supplier scouting and decision making with a structured analysis of all available supplier information.

The Matchory Supplier Pool
Generate your individual supplier pool within minutes and benefit from real-time-access to relevant supplier data points in one application

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Develop more resilient supply chains by diversifying your supplier pool

Today's strategic sourcing must be efficient, resilient and sustainable. We support organisations to create maximum value based on smart and autonomous procurement.

Risk mitigation

Process improvement

Cost savings

Enhanced market insights

Automate manual sourcing processes through smart technologies, Big Data, AI & Machine Learning

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What our clients say

Frank Wischnewski


With Matchory, it takes us two minutes to generate a results list of nearly 500 suppliers that used to take us two days.

Peter Stern

Senior Practics Manager Procurement

Matchory is clearly ahead in terms of user-friendliness, speed and reliability of results. The tool can be used by anyone and allows you to easily fine-tune your search.

Dr. Alexander Brandt

Chief expert digitalization in market and competitor analysis

Matchory helps us to easily obtain very comprehensive information on the players in the markets relevant for us.

Timo Rickermann

Chief Procurement Officer

With Matchory we bring transparency to the supplier market. Today, I know much faster which suppliers exist and can compare them directly and evaluate them more effectively.

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